Entertainment Vision Group

Public Relations. Radio Promotions. Billboard Charting. Mixing. Mastering. Studio & Publishing Consulting.

Terms and Conditions


We estimate a 4-8 week commitment to the development, launch and ongoing marketing of each radio airplay and charting campaign. We are able to begin within 7-10 business days of your approval, provided that it is forthcoming by a full payment of the desired campaign and sign campaign agreement.


Campaign and service fees are exclusive of production costs but are inclusive of all other expenses, so long as all work required is within the scope of the listed objectives (Refer to Campaign Agreement).

Payment Terms for any of the options are:

  • 100% of first month due on acceptance of proposal

Expenses will be billed as actually accrued on a monthly basis and are due on receipt of our invoice.


The quality of our work is guaranteed. In the event that you feel that we are not meeting the standards described herein or based on our mutual conversations and agreements, this agreement may be cancelled given 60-days written notice.

Radio Campaign Guarantee

Note that all options are guaranteed and the artist receives 100% of all airplay royalties. (Airplay royalties are paid on Mediabase/BDS monitored campaigns only)



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