Radio Airplay Promotions


Entertainment Vision Group offers radio airplay to independent and major artists on FM (BDS & Mediabase Monitored), Sirius Satellite, College, Yahoo, MTV, Music Choice, VH1, Shoutcast, Music Choice, Europe, UK, Canada and China Radio. Our team networks with Program Directors, Station Managers, DJ’s & radio affiliates to achieve national radio airplay, charting, interviews, world tours and exposure! In addition, we add each track for digital accessibility & review by thousands of radio stations.

Radio Campaigns include weekly airplay reports, station links (hear your music played live), airplay dates, times, locations and total spin count. Stations are monitored, pay royalties and contribute to all major CHARTS including commercial and non-commercial radio. Weekly airplay reports are provided with all radio campaigns, including weekly BDS and Mediabase reports. References are available upon request.

Entertainment Vision Group provides world wide RADIO AIRPLAY, interviews, MTV
and BET video placement, TV commercials, mass texting, ringtones, blast, publications and major label distribution .

Accepted formats include Pop, Rhythmic, Urban, Dance, Country, Adult Hits, Alternative, Gospel and Christian music.  All tracks are submitted electronically. Mp3 format only.  No CD duplication or station mailings are required with our radio campaigns!

Artist receive 100% of all airplay royalties. 

*All music must be mastered and radio edit before submission. *Mastering is available. *Radio edits available (See “Mixing and Mastering” page)

Airplay will start within 7-10 business days of submission with confirmation of first station detections and links.


Airplay and Promotional Campaigns

  • FM Radio Airplay, US & Canada (BDS and Mediabase Monitored + Billboard Charting)
  • Europe FM Radio Airplay (Italy, France, Germany, London,Spain, United Kingdom)
  • Satellite Radio (Sirius Radio, XMU, BBC1, Sirius Jamz, Highway Country, The Blend, Sirius Love, Shade 45, Deep Tracks, Siruis XM U, Alt Nation, Hip Hop Nation, The Heat, Heart and Soul, Outlaw Country and more..
  • College Radio (CMJ Stations & CMJ Charting)
  • Internet Radio (AOL, MTV, MTV2, VH1, Yahoo, Live365, Napster, Shoutcast)
  • Billboard Charting
  • iTunes Charting
  • Spotify Plays
  • Youtube Views
  • Record Pools (US & Europe)
  • International Airplay (China, Brazil, UK, Russia)
  • TV Programs  ( Real World, MTV2, The City, Bad Girls- All MTV, VH1 and Bravo Reality Shows)
  • Promotional Campaigns, National Press Release, Video Placement, Drops, Interviews, Magazines