EVG 101- Branding. Make Them Care

Naturally artists are attached and emotional about their bodies of work, however it is unreasonable to expect that everyone you meet or need, for that matter, is obligated to “believe in” or feel a personal attachment to your work, especially if they are merely providing a service.

The entertainment industry is highly “political” & filled with aspiring “stars” attempting to become the “next big thing.”
One must understand it is not just “who you know” but also WHO KNOWS YOU, WHO WILL DO & FOLLOW THROUGH.

It is the responsibilty of the artist to offer a product that will stand out from the rest & hold interest. Understand that those who have been in the game for awhile have seen and heard it all before. What makes YOU different. *Make them care!*



EVG 101- Social Followers Don’t Mean Sales

Social Media

Followers do not translate into consumers.

Social media users become so consumed with the wrong numbers. They are worried about their number of followers instead of being worried about what actually matters.
10,000 followers may be impressive on the surface- but how engaged are they with your brand? Are they even paying attention to your messages? 250 followers might not seem impressive, but if all 250 are actually interested in what you have to say, those 250 are much more valuable than the 10,000 that don’t care.
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Note: Major labels & brands look for the “complete package” not just followers i.e. airplay story, traction, genuine social media engagement, consumer influence etc.